Advantages of Using the Kamado Ceramic Smoker

Slow and low cooking was made popular in the 70’s and remains relevant in the modern day because of our busy lifestyles. Slow cooking allows us to leave our meals cooking while we go about our daily lives. Slow and low cooking is also an economical method of cooking meals since more often the charcoal ovens used for cooking consume little fuel in terms of charcoal. Food cooked on the slow cooking method usually takes a longer time to cook as compared to using high temperature cooking methods. Longer cooking, especially of meat allows the absorption of the complex flavors produced from charcoal burning. The smoke produced during charcoal burning imparts its taste and flavor to the meat. The Kamado ceramic smoker offers a flexible solution to cook meals at slow and low temperature settings in the most cost effective, efficient and reliable way.

Most charcoal grills radiate and lose heat at a fast rate. They use a considerable amount of charcoal to promote the slow and low cooking because most of the heat they radiate, which should stabilize the low and slow cooking is lost through the chimney of the grills. A considerable amount of airflow is required to promote the burning of the charcoal, which in turn promotes a faster emission of smoke. The common charcoal grills also use a mass of their dense glazed built to reduce heat loss. This results in moist meals, which may not entirely be desirable. Density does not necessarily promote insulation and the grills end up losing a lot of heat eventually.

The Kamado ceramic smoker has a three layer body density. The layers consist ceramic jewelry box of a dense-hot face followed by a very porous insulation, which is jacketed with a high tech acrylic insulation. The ceramic smoker’s three layers promote retention of heat and smoke, which ultimately results in the consumption of less charcoal than normal charcoal grills would consume. During longer cooking durations, especially of meat, a steam cloud is created which promotes the steady cooking of the meat. Less air is allowed to flow in the ceramic smoker, which enables the smoke emitted from the charcoal to be in contact with the meat for longer before it is expelled from the smoker. The retention of smoke enables the meat to change its color and attain a shiny and generally better appearance that is typical of well cooked meat. The insulation provided by the Kamado smoker provides great stability. This stability allows meals to cook at slow and low temperatures allowing the user to go about their daily lives without worrying that the food might burn.

The kamado ceramic smoker is engineered with the flaws of other charcoal grills in mind to optimize slow and low temperature cooking. The ceramic smoker rectifies the short falls of other charcoal grills and comes up with solutions to make a user friendly grill. The solution to slow and low cooking at a cost effective rate is the Kamado ceramic smoker.

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