Hiring The Best Roofer For Your Project


Because roofing is an easy business to be part of, there will be lots of competition and roofers out there for you to choose from. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because lots of choices mean you can find a competitive price for your roofing project. Bad because there is very little regulation of roofing and you could end-up hiring someone affordable but without the right skill.

One of the first things you should do when it comes time to find a roofer Commercial Roofing is to decide what kind of roof you want to have installed. This will make a difference in the kind of contractor that you hire. Whether it is aluminum, steel, copper or asphalt, you need to be confident that the contractor you hire is familiar with the product being used.

Once you are sure of the product you want to use on your roof, start looking for a roofer. There are a multitude of resources to help you find a roofing contractor, but perhaps the best and easiest way to hire someone is based on simple recommendations. If you have a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor or acquaintance that has recently had their roof replaced or updated, ask them for their recommendation or referral. They may have some great information for you about roofing contractors and products.

If you don’t have recommendations to work off of, start doing some local research. Check your local business listings online or in your local yellow pages. Checking online can be extremely beneficial because you can read possible reviews that other customers have made regarding the contractor and the performance of the roof installed.

Yellow pages, your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau can be helpful. They just require a little more effort from you. Collect a few different names and phone numbers of roofers. One expert recommends calling the roofer and asking for references of previous roof installations. Any contractor that stands behind their work will feel comfortable giving this information to you. Call the references and ask them about the roof, the installation, how it has lasted and etc. Check to see if the reference would feel comfortable giving you their address and directions so you can see the roofing work yourself.

If you like what you see when you view the roof, then call the contractor and start the process of getting started on your roofing project. Make sure they have insurance and get the agent’s name. Also, get an estimate. The estimate should be free. Discuss warranty with your contractor. This warranty should be clear on what is covered due to faulty installation and what is covered by shingles, aluminum or flashing. Once you have discussed all this information with your roofer and signed a contract, you should feel confident that you have done what you can to hire a quality contractor for your home.

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