Seven Secrets Of Awesome Home Decorating

Two identical houses sit side by side, walk into one and you feel comfortable and welcome.Walk into the second house and you feel ugh – uncomfortable? The people in both houses are friendly, the type of people you would like to get to know better.

What’s the difference?

The difference is the way the houses are talking about their occupants. The first house is decorated nicely and your eyes flow smoothly from place to place giving you that warm fuzzy feeling.

In the second house nothing flows together. Your eyes are constantly being stopped by an out of place window treatment or “thingie” that just doesn’t belong where it’s placed. This gives you an uncomfortable feeling – Do I really want to be here?

Here is a list of seven secrets of awesome home decorating the will give your home that warm fuzzy feeling:

Secret #1. Don’t Sweat The Cost!

The reason I put “don’t sweat the cost” as the first secret is because that’s the number one reason I have heard through the years that people don’t decorate. It’s too expensive!

That’s about as far from the truth as you can get. In my thirty plus years of decorating, some of the best decorated homes were the ones that the owners spent hardly any money. Money is not the cure all for awesome decorating.

I have seen far too many homes where they spared no cost and decorated to the hilt. The result was a show place that you couldn’t be comfortable in if you cared to try.

Some of the greatest decorating treasures are in your mind – outside of the box – or down the street at the thrift store or “Good Will”.

Secret #2. Decorate For Your Family!

Decorating should be meaningful. You want to showcase the talents and hobbies of your family. If your family is into sports, then what ever sport they are into should be the focal point of your decorating, especially in the family room or what ever room you spend the most time in.
The most important people who will ever be in your home is your family. Flaunt them and show all your visitors and friends what you’re about as a family.

Secret #3. Get the Family Involved In the Decorating

When the family is involved in the decorating project you create family memories that will last lifetimes and be talked about at family gatherings for years to come.

When the family is not involved in the decorating they resent the intrusion into their space and will throw little “monkey wrenches” into the project to show their resentment.

Secret #4. Go Style Shopping as a Family!

Don’t know what style or theme you want your next decorating project to be? Make it a family fun decision. Go style shopping with your family, ending up in a favorite place for desert or snack and discuss what your project will look like and say about your family.

Secret #5. Over Spend Not!

You could have the best looking house in the neighborhood but if you over spent on decorating and your family is feeling the pinches for doing so you will resent the beautiful surrounding.

Your resentment will show in how you take care of the room as well as your attitude about the room. This attitude will spill over and your house will lose that warm classic glass floor lamps cozy feeling that is portrayed by those living there.

Secret #6. Keep It Simple!

Have you ever been to a house where it was decorated to such a degree that you felt uncomfortable? You don’t know where to sit because you don’t want to disturb the starched look. Not only do you not want to disturb the look you couldn’t feel comfortable if you tried. You sit on the end of the chair hoping you don’t wrinkle the fabric.

I know you have been to a place like that, so have I, far too many times. You just want to get out of there so you can relax.

Keep it simple and comfortable!

Secret #7. Have Fun with Your Decorating!

Let your humor show through. A couple of pillows with your favorite sayings will liven up a room in short order. If it looks starchy to you it will look 10 times more starchy to your visitors and friends.

Decorating should be fun and exciting. What you decorate today you will replace with a new “thingie” tomorrow. Have fun with your decorating and your humor and good taste will speak volumes about you and your family to visitors and friends.

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