Truck Driving Jobs – UPS and FedEx Truck Driver Employment


You’ve probably heard about UPS and Fedex jobs while you’ve been searching for trucking employment. They’re two of the best companies to work for in the freight and parcel transportation industry. There’s a lot more involved with transporting a person’s parcel than simply having them drop it off at a depot and walking away – though that’s exactly what many of them do. The reason for this is because the process of transporting a parcel is so automated and dependable now that the customer can simply turn the whole matter over to delivery professionals knowing that the job will get done properly and dependably. United Parcel Service (UPS) has over 400,000 employees working for them in 200 countries around the world ensuring that all the millions of parcels shipped every single day get to their destinations without fail.

Many people begin their careers with UPS by working as part-time Package Handlers within the package operations divisions in their local area. This allows them to see how important it is that everyone in the company understands and is a part of the process of getting packages to their destinations. Everyone in the organization has a part to play in transporting parcels around the country or around the globe. Whether you start out as a package handler, seasonal or full-time driver or work within the management areas of the company, it’s up to every employee at UPS to make sure the job gets done. Voted ‘One of the best places to start a career’ UPS has something for everyone with wages ranging from $9.75 an hour for part-time Package Handlers and Delivery Driver salaries that can range from $27,750 to $32,250 depending on many variables including the level of driving experience. Because the transportation of parcels and freight depends on the efficient and dependable use of trucks and other vehicles, mechanics that can ensure that all the delivery vehicles stay in top shape are also in high demand at many UPS fleet depots. Salaries for Fleet Mechanics start at $13.00 an hour and real time can go up to $21.75 per hour for Fleet Mechanic Supervisor positions within a depot shop.

Federal Express (now Fedex) was one of the first major international package handlers and targeted the fast-paced business community with its promise of overnight deliveries anywhere in the country. Fedex is consistently recognized for its progressive and innovative personnel policies, programs and benefit packages which help to stimulate the working environment within the organization. With over 230,000 employees working around the globe, the organization is proud of its culturally-diverse workforce. The company also has several internship programs that allow employees to start out working for the company in some of the ground-level departments to get a real feel for the way things are done in the organization. The company proudly invites employees from all cultures to become a part of its organization, enabling it to expand and grow in many diverse cultural areas around the world. Many employees for Fedex start out working in the shipping depots set up in many larger metro areas that act as central shipping facilities that parcels pass through on their way to their delivery zones. This entry-level position provides a good overview of what the whole shipping process entails and wages start at $9.25 an hour.

Unlike its other main competitors, Fedex Ground maintains a large fleet of independent trucking contractors who own and maintain their own vehicles and work hard to grow their business endeavors within the Fedex group of companies. If you have your own delivery truck, this position within the organization will allow you to enjoy a dependable source of income and earn more than enough to easily keep yourself in business with the company. Independent Trucking Contractors working for Fedex can expect to earn anywhere from $14.00 to $17.50 an hour with a per mile percentage bonus being given to help offset delivery costs as well.

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