Twitter For Traffic and Business – A Media Bonanza!

Everyone is twittering. If you do not know what “twittering” is, then you are definitely in the dark about the latest internet phenomenon that has swept the world by storm. Twittering is the verb that describes the actions of those individuals who participate and interact on the social network called Twitter.

This website is a social networking forum where people post updates about themselves called tweets. This site is short of being a traditional blog site and as a result, the constant updates that are posted by users are referred to as micro blogs. In fact, a posting can only contain up to 140 characters. The idea is to accumulate a list of friends who follow each others update postings.

So What Makes This So Popular?

Here is what makes Twitter a media bonanza; everyone is joining in on the act. From famous actors to members of congress, literally everyone is twittering. What this means is that there is a large volume of traffic that utilize this service on a daily basis. One estimate, in fact, had stated the service had over 4.5 million users. That’s a whole lot of people that a savvy minded website owner to tap into to increase their traffic.

Think about it. One of the main BONANZAJP goals of Twitter users is to gain as many followers as possible. As users gain new friends, they automatically begin to follow their tweets. Imagine if you are posting your own tweets that feature information about yourself and your website. This is an excellent way for a website owner to gain immediate and wide spread exposure.

Take Advantage of The Traffic!

Twitter offers website owners a brand of free advertising that is self evolving. This means that is grows exponentially without any effort beyond your simple postings. This is a really an advertising windfall for website owners looking to increase traffic to their site.

If you are a website owner, then you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity that this social network offers. Instant recognition is what you realize as a result of your post; especially if you can offer something eye catching and interesting. Believe me, you don’t want to miss out on this great internet wave of interest.


Twitter is a free social network that has a tremendous number of users. Website owners can easily increase traffic to their own sites by joining the millions of people who are twittering.

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