Wicker Outdoor Furniture – Timeless and Classic Piece of Outdoor Furniture


Wicker outdoor furniture nowadays are designed and crafted in distinctive style that provides comfort and class at the same time. They are considered a classic and have adapted today’s trendy yet functional furniture.

Wicker outdoor furniture comes in different styles to match your outdoor landscape and preferred ambience. Comprised of fully functional pieces that you can adorn with thick, comfy cushions and can even mix and match different colors to make your patio or outdoor garden lively and colorful. You may also use glass to protect table tops or use it as coffee or dining table.

Most modern outdoor wicker furniture items are made from resin wicker. It looks very much like the traditional wicker but resin wicker is more durable and is a favorite for outdoors because it is made from synthetic polyethylene or polypropylene resin fibers that are superior in weather resistance than natural wicker. On the other hand, rattan or natural wicker furniture does not weather well and is not recommended for use outdoor as this material is not as durable as the resin wicker. Synthetic resin materials are resistant to heat, cold and damp conditions which make it easy to maintain.

Some of the most popular wicker outdoor furniture:

• Wicker Arm Chairs and Side Tables
• Wicker Deep Seating Chairs
• Wicker Dining Chairs and Table
• Wicker Lounge Chairs
• Wicker Rocking Chairs
• Wicker Sun Lounge

These outdoor wicker furniture items can be adorned and made even Wicker Deck Furniture more comfortable with nice, soft and thick cushions designed and organized according to your style. Make your outdoor dining or afternoon tea more charming from the wide selection of combined seat and back cushioning. It is entirely up to your own preference and style and the overall look you want to achieve.

Perfectly designed for open air elegance with precise details mixed with functionality is what makes your outdoor space even more attractive and beautiful. Daring designs becomes conversational piece. These luxuriously crafted furniture classics carry a warranty of durability and are guaranteed with the highest quality standards for an all weather well-crafted pieces. As wicker furniture is commonly placed outdoors on decks, gardens and patios, too much heat, rainwater, and snow will ruin the paint on wicker furniture and will require repainting to continue looking brand new. These chairs can also be repainted when they dull from frequent use. With years of use and abuse, wear and tear, don’t forget to schedule a routine maintenance, cleaning, repair and repainting. Check for loosened canes especially if you have the natural wicker. Also chairs and tables may become wobbly. Occasional brushing and washing the crevices of the weave will prevent dirt and dust from accumulating in between and will keep your furniture in tip-top shape.

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