World of Warcraft Power Leveling Tips 1-70

The World of WarCraft is one of the web’s most popular and in depth MMORPG ‘s (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with over 9 million active gamers currently. Through this, WoW (as it is often called), has seen loads of gamers develop many different strategies and techniques to most efficiently power level up their character and build experience points to upgrade their characters abilities and stat points.

If you are a newbie in the World of Warcraft gaming experience, or any other MMO for that matter, there is a few things you can do right from the get go to maximize your power leveling techniques and improve your overall game enjoyment. If you decide to work with a power leveling guide that is designed to get you quickly from level 1 to 70, do not expect it to magically pull your character to the highest levels without actually putting in some “work” or game time. It takes more than just owning a guide to make it really work for you, the same is true for gold gathering or building guides as well.

No matter what way you look at it, a power leveling technique that actually works is going to require input from the players stand point. So when a guide says that the gamer must play for no less than 5 days and 30 hours to achieve a level 70 score, that means you are expected to play a full 155 hours of actual game play, unless of course you are utilizing a world of warcraft power leveling service.

There are different tools that players can use to speed up their levels fast, through a world of warcraft power leveling bot or add-on that provide great functionality for both newbie and experienced gamers alike. These tools are called “add-ons” and many of them are actually free to use, or extremely cheap, and they can enhance game play and the rate of character powering up. The most valuable add-ons are those which can simply the quest tasks that gamers must go through in various ways:

1. Telling the WoW gamer exactly where to go, even providing coordinates
2. How far away a quest item or area is
3. Distance calculated that takes mount/non-mounted character into account
4. Highlights areas of mobs or items to kill or gather
5. Maintains track of what you have done already and where you are in the quest, also where the quest giver is to keep you headed back in the right direction
6. Keeping track of where trainers, vendors, mailboxes, and auctioneers are in each area
7. Find secret item areas and so much more

The abilities of WoW add-ons are only outdone by the Buy wow gold  way in which gamers take advantage of their programming. While using a powerful leveling guide you will most likely be sent to utilize warcraft sources like Thotbot (an elite World of Warcraft player resource) to make the most of each questing experience and add-on that you are using. The best guides will have multiple strategies and actually walk you through leveling up for any character race that you are choosing, be it alliance or horde, and even updates for the expansion sets like the Burning Crusade.

There are hundreds of warcraft add-ons and tons of power leveling guides any player can take advantage of, if they simply know where to find the few and highly sought after trusted WoW guides and resources. Remember, if you are still wondering “how to power level in the world of warcraft?” you simply need to play the game and get your hands on a known leveling technique until you are skilled and confident enough to develop your own working power leveling and gold gathering techniques.


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